Hey Worldy Groovers, and welcome to the spaced out world of the Khosan Man.

Khosan Man delivers to you all his psychadelic tips on Thailand starting from his base on Khao San Road in Bangkok, where he can always be found in his Thai fisherman pants, chowing down on a spicy Pad Thai and sipping an ice cold Chang.
Khosan Man                                             Bio                                                                        
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Age: 45+
Eyes: Hazy and glazed over
Hair: Dreadlocked and unwashed
Tattoos: Ying Yang on left buttock
Birthplace: Long forgotten, but somewhere in Farangland
Currently Lives: Khao San Road of course!
Date of Arrival on Khao San: 1971
Favourite Place: Khao San Road of course!
Favourite Food: Pad Thai with plenty of Tofu
Favourite Drink: Beer Chang
Favourite Music: Psy Trance