Hey Worldy Groovers, and welcome to the spaced out world of the Khosan Man.

Khosan Man delivers to you all his psychadelic tips on Thailand starting from his base on Khao San Road in Bangkok, where he can always be found in his Thai fisherman pants, chowing down on a spicy Pad Thai and sipping an ice cold Chang.
                                                                    Khosan Man's Full Moon Party Run Down                                                                       
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This is the Khaosan Man's home away from home, Haad Rin on the hidden island of Koh Phangan. It is not your regular controlled party all you farangs are used to back home, it's a wild, untamed and spontaneous gathering of youth from around the globe on a perfect stretch of beach occuring once a month. You don't just go to the party compodres, you EXPERIENCE IT! There are no controlling committies, organisations or officials, it is controlled by you, the partygoer, the party twists and turns on the vibe of the crowd and can go wherever you wish it to.

But let me tell you how times have changed. These parties began over 15 years ago man, back then things was pure. So many people will take credit for starting this once monthly event on Sunrise Beach,  Haad Rin but they're all egotistical maniacs, the true inventors of this gathering of free spirits for a night of bliss are the Khosan Man and his travelling group of brothers who first trod on this well beaten path that all now follow.

Full Moon Guide:

Getting there
Most groovers will get to the hidden jewel of Koh Phangan, on Thailand's south east coast, by jumping on a train at Bangkok station and taking it to Suratthani riding in a second class sleeper, taking about 10 hours. Then a bus from the train station takes them to the ferry dock, and the ferry to Koh Pagnan which takes about 3 to 4 hours. All this can be bought in a 3 way ticket for all the modes of transport from your average Khao San Road travel agent without difficulty. Others choose to stay on the larger island about a 20 minute boat ride away, Koh Samui, and ferry into Koh Pagnan for the party, and back out again after. Be sure to get to Koh Pagnan a few days before the party, otherwise you may be left like a piece of meat on the Vegan plate of the Khosan Man.

The Khosan Man Way: Now The above method is a bit too expensive and not culturally significant enough for the Khosan Man. Firstly, if you want to do it the proper Thai way you don't ride 2nd class on the train, so Khosanman opts for 3rd class, plus the savings are enormous, and not only this, a little trick is to be friendly to the locals on the ride down as you can scam free food off them, just remind them of their Buddhist beliefs and they'll have to be giving. So what if you have to sit in a spot that even a mouse would be cramped in, it's worth the savings.

Most of todays youth who travel to this event will either stay in Haad Rin itself or somewhere else on the island. Accommodation on Haad Rin is nice and close to the action, but more expensive, and can get very noisy for those of you who wish to have some mellow out time. Away from Haad Rin it can get a bit cheaper, but you will have to spring the extra cash anyway on taxis to and from Haad Rin for the party anyway, but it can be very tranquil for those much needed meditation sessions and times of deep introspective thought that the Khosan Man so loves.

The Khosan Man Way: Paying for accommodation is a waste of money, as this money could better be spent for mind expanding purposes. Khosan Man uses the money saved to purchase more RedBull and Thai Whisky Buckets (explained next section down), and other illicit pills to keep him up all night, so sleeping accommodation is not needed. Khosan Man was once in Koh Pagnan and didn't sleep for 27 Days!!!

Enjoying the Party itself
Now the Khaosan Man is well known for taking copious amounts of mind altering substances. So let me first give you a warning that drugs are illegal in Thailand before I begin my spiel. Firstly, most enjoy the party by dancing until dawn and drinking more alcohol each than the entire english cricket team combined after they won the Ashes. The Full Moon favourite drink is what is known as a bucket of joy, it consists usually of a bottle of highly concentrated Thai RedBull (illegal in some countries), a can of coke, and usually a bottle of Thai Sangsom Whisky and in some cases Vodka instead, all pored into a bucket like a kiddies sand pale, and a bunch of straws. These will keep you going all night, but alas you will struggle to reach the real heights of mind expansion on these alone that Khosan Man so enjoys.
Be sure to frequent all the bars along the beach and give them all a try as they all have different vibes and feels that MUST be experienced. Now the Khosan Man has his suppliers and takes all weird and wonderful illicit substances from Mushrooms and Acid, to other little blue pills. Khosan Man doesn't like to brag but he is a great dancer as the night and next day wears on he only gets better, but there must be something in those pills that makes all the others there dance like a prick, so be sure to look have a look at them, because you probably look the same.

Otherwise just get caught up in the freedom and allow the night to guide you as you attain new heights on your spirtual journey that is the full moon party, and don't get caught up in the commercialism of it which it has been turned into today. You can still find those elements of purity there that the Khosan Man and his band of nomadic brothers found all those years ago.