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The Khao San Road, a sovereign state.
It is time. Time that this famous strip of ashphalt, the Khao San Road became a sovereign state, governed by the groovy and oh-so enlightened hippies themselves that live here. So we can live in our own utopian backpacker society eating banana pancakes, wearing our thai fisherman pants, and absorbing our Lonely Planey Guidebooks.

"But it's in Thailand this would not be right" I hear you say. Well think again my children of the earth. This road is frequented by foreigners, so it should be us who decide how it's run, all Thai's should be banned from OUR road, and only workers allowed in. We need it to be run by us so we can legalise cerain activities frowned upon by the Thai authorities, legalise it!

How do we do this you say, well I say a barb wired perimter should be erected. Locals should be allowed to watch from the outside and look in at us in a zoo like manner. We get our hippy backpacker wonderland, and they get to watch, everyones a winner!

From your Khao San Kommentator,

- Khosan Man
November 29, 2005
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